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Kikuwa's Rust and Sap Eraser is a tool to remove rust, sap, and stains from your bonsai tools, and it also cleans pots.


You can cut it with a knife for your favorite size.

Instructions for use:

1. Put oil on the Crean Mate or tool.
    We recommend Camellia Oil for cleaning tools, but you can also use vegetable oil.
    To clean pots, you can use dish soap or cold-pressed Neem Oil.
2. Use the Crean Mate like an eraser.
    Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as the Crean Mate can scratch your tools.
3. Wipe the tool with a soft dry cloth.
    After cleaning, you can also apply more oil to the toolto protect it between uses.
4. Repeat if needed.


Size 65×40×9mm, Weight approx. 35g


Made in Japan

Kikuwa's Rust and Sap Eraser - Large

SKU: 4944634020934
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